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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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This evening I strolled out
To buy small chop chop
From a kiosk owned by an elderly
woman I normally patronize

On getting to the place
All seemed deserted
I asked the first person on sight
Did Mama not come today?

Mama anwụgo he Said
(Mama has died he said).
She died on the 20th Dec.2019
Ahh ! Death I froze

What happened I asked
After Mama’s market toils on 20th Dec
She went home to find her children fighting.
On attempting to separate them slumped and died.
Are you aware Mama was hypertensive
he asked
Aaaah !!! This generation I shouted.

As I stood on the spot dumbfounded
Normal activities of the day went on
Mama’s death forgotten
Mama’s shop under lock and key

I couldn’t stand there forever
I moved on to the next shop
to buy my small chop chop
But I couldn’t shake off
the question on my mind

Who killed mama ?
Her Children ?
Or complications of high blood pressure ?
Or death?


Some days ago I met a celebrity
A grandiosed one, In his mind he is Zeus
Yeah! he told me he is a king maker
or that he is king himself ,I can’t remember.
He told me his bedroom
contains all the treasures
of the world since he is king of all
I didn’t believe him but I went in anyway
By now he should be
telling his celebrity friends how he trash dumped a girl from the East.
Or how that a girl From the East got hooked by his stories
Or how he Zeus has found Hera
But I tell you friends that
my grandiosity celebrity friend
needs his head fixed
Because we only met at the central park
There we had all our discuss
and I waved him goodbye.

He that is in power
thinks he is God
until the grave humbles him
and the power slips away to another
He who is passionate in wickedness
Is even More so In kindness
When he repents and finds Mercy

© Chiugo

I don’t want to think

I don’t want to think
It would be better if my mind is blank
Believe me you don’t wanna hear this whispers
It’s like when a shadow cheers
To think that this guilt
Is self inflicted
Damn ! Look at what you built
over the years
Mind !

Where is holiness?
Where is righteousness?
Mind ! Look at what you built
You are just a circus running on filt
Mind look at what you did
Surely from within man comes what defiles him.

Mind what have you done
Why did you propose this
This is mearnt to be different
Why dirty the begining of a new sprut
Wake me up I wish this day never came
But I am glad it did.
Because I found out the real me
I’m a fallible man


At the dawn of Jan 12th 199something
A mother was busy preparing for work
when her amniotic fluid rushed out from within her.
The pains came gradually
She felt like she is being used as a grinding stone
from below her ribs down to her groins was in perpetual tumult
The rush began, work was suspended
The baby is coming !Her husband ran out of the house, reversed on his legidizbenz into the house again. In his rush with the baby bag he forgot the most important thing
The woman and the baby !
Oh ! He didn’t forget he ran out to their neighbors house to inform him that his wife is in labour.Get your car ready Chike! My wife is in labour and you are taking us to the hospital as agreed.What a rush ! What a confusion ! 😂
Oh baby Chiugo nne ya stay in there till we reach the hospital, the woman groanedAdaugo nna ya, nne wait we are almost at the hospital, ‘the husband cuedAt the hospital the rush also began
She is fully dilated and the Head of the baby is already at the cervix said the Nurse to the Doctor after her V.E assessment.The baby is here !
I came the prayer, dream and hope of my mother for nine long months,the pride of her Father
Into a world wondrously clear
The air surprised me and in joy I released my vocal chord and gave out my First song of praise.
That took air into my lungs and I was ready to live life on Earth.© Chiugo


Yet another year
Another leap of faith
Twenty twenty what’s in stock?
Resolutions written, how do you see it?
I won’t do this, I won’t do that
We will change this,we will change that
Only on paper,300 plus days remaining
Come on ! Put your act together !

Alright let’s do the needful
Favour will run after thee
Tragedy will flee, Peace will stay
Grace granted, dreams will be attained
Plans will be excuted,Goals will be achieved
Your boat surely Will sail
through 2020 tides
Thus and so we pray

© Chiugo



Mistakes made , corrections taken
Wounds reopened, Scars healed
Redemption found, life is bitten
the war is yet to be over

Time passed , the clock kept ticking
Tears flowed , smile glowed
Battles fought Victory assured
the war is yet to be over

Heart bled , anxiety lingered
Depression fled , peace found
Joy stayed , hope laid a foundation.
the war is yet to over


Who made this wounds ?
Flesh gushing out with blood,
Who just shot me?
How could you have punctured my heart
And left me dripping with blood. Such wound, such scar
Oh self ! So Your intent was to kill,
to finish me off
and leave me in eternal damnation.
I thought you loved me, Self?
Me thinks you’re me, Self ?
But it turned out we are two different people!
What you seek is not what I want to find
what you want is not my needs
How can you be me and still plot to murder me!
Such betrayal,such deceit, such ploy
How could they have said to believe in YOURSELF.
When myself Left me dead on the Coldstone of the street of nowhere
Even dug a headless nameless grave
trying to push me in.
Self can’t be trusted
believe you me.

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